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GVFD is a first class, volunteer driven ALS ambulance service and fire department.


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About Us

Garden Valley Fire Protection District

The Garden Valley Fire Protection District (GVFPD) is dedicated to safe guarding lives and property through education, prevention, and response to all emergency incidents.

The GVFPD is overseen by three commissioners.

What the Board of Commissioners do…
  • Oversee the general operation of the GVFPD in terms of both physical assets and staff
  • Act as liason between the public and staff. Commissioners may or may not have experience in fire fighting science but must be comfortable in handling interactions with the public, the GVFPD staff, and volunteers
  • Exercise fiduciary oversight of the GVFPD, ensuring the prudent disbursement of taxpayer funds, grants, and other sources of income
  • Formulate the long-term, strategic mission of the GVFPD in concert with the Fire Chief

Garden Valley Fire Department

The Garden Valley Fire Department (GVFD) is a combined Fire and EMS department led by the Fire Chief. We are a volunteer department with the benefits of having a few paid staff. GVFD is the operational arm of the GVFPD, responding to emergency calls and fulfilling the missions and goals set forth by the Commissioners.

Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to provide effective medical, fire, rescue, and hazard response while collaborating with community members and partners to prevent future emergencies. We accomplish this by maintaining an inclusive organization of well-trained members, with a shared commitment to safety and service excellence.

Garden Valley Ambulance at one of our AirMed landing zones


  • To be role models in our community
  • To be leaders in the Fire Service
  • To be driven by positive attitudes
  • To be respectful of others
  • To be dedicated to helping people


We care about our customers.
We respect customers' well-being, opinions, feelings, diversity, and feedback and show courtesy to every customer we come in contact with.

We value honesty, integrity and leadership in all members.
With respect for the chain of command, we value high ethical standards, personal and professional accountability, and responsible decision making at all levels of the organization.

We appreciate each other’s dedication, competency, and positive attitude.
We value each member’s experience, knowledge, competency, cooperation, dedication, commitment and positive attitude.

We value the time and tools that are necessary to do our jobs effectively.
We know that having well-trained responders with optimally-maintained equipment is the best path to delivering services with maximum safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.

We support individual, family, and District balance.
We recognize the high importance of balancing individual and family needs with the growth and needs of the District.

“Protect, Serve and Educate”